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Welcome to the Cognitive Science Student Journal!

This student-lead journal showcases the work of Cognitive Science students of Osnabrück University – readers can find seminar papers, project reports, interviews, educational videos and more! Cognitive Science is an interdisciplinary research field investigating cognition and the mind, conclusively the journal content comes from diverse backgrounds and covers a wide range of topics. The authors provide an insight into current topics and recent advancements at our institute.

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Neuromorphic Computing: An Overview

Are you curious about the future of computing and how it may revolutionize the way we process information? The limits of traditional computing technologies have motivated the emergence of a new field: neuromorphic computing, which...

From barely knowing what VR was to co-teaching a course about it - An interview with Adriane Pelikan

As technology continues to evolve in our world of today, new and innovative methods for making learning even more interesting are stemming. This involves integrating Extended Reality and Virtual Reality into the traditional education system, therefore bringing about changes that are...

Don't Care About Bullshit! - A Frankfurtian Analysis of a Contemporary Problem

Are you free to make informed decisions in a world where truth is neglected?

In this philosophical essay Daniel Müller explores the ideas and concepts...

Sleep and Wellbeing - How Does the Sleep Quality Influence Our Hedonic and Eudaimonic Wellbeing?

How exactly does sleep contribute to our well-being?

In this paper by Patricia Groß you will be led into sleep research by showcasing how a hypothesis would be tested and an experiment conducted...


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We are on a mission to create a low-stakes environment where students can dive into the exciting world of publishing and share their incredible work. We are here to make sure that their creations do not go to waste...

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